Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Can't Never Did Anything

Ok let me tell you a little story about myself before we get to the video. I am James West and I will be 41 on June 21st. My mom met my dad when I was around 4 or 5 years old. I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when I was born. Before I go on I should also tell you I was blessed with 2 brothers and 3 sister 2 of them I didn't meet till I was in my late teens. So anyway back to my story. As I said I was born with Cerebral Palsy I was not walking and barely speaking at this time so my parents decided to take me to Easer Seals this is a place where they work with children with special needs. So after going to this place for around 6 months Easter Seals couldn't figure out what to do and they told my mom and dad that I would probably never walk or talk. Well my parents took me home and my dad went to do something can't remember it was some time ago and my mom just looked at me on the floor I can't imagine how helpless she felt but in spite of that she decided that she was going to work with me one on one and that's exactly what she did and a week or 2 later I remember they took me back to Easter Seals and they told her that she is doing more for me than what they can so he doesn't have to come back.

So now my mom worked on me a little more and I was up and walking and when my dad came home my mom said honey I got a surprise for you. So she took my dad by the hand led him to the kitchen took my hand helped me up and said now walk to your dad. And when I did I can remember it till this day that my dad started crying it is one of the only times I really saw my dad cry. So then I use to watch my dad play guitar all the time and really wanted to learn but my dad didn't know if I would be able to or not. So finally after I was 12 and still persistant  on learning he let me take my brothers guitar which the string were real high off the neck and he said if you want to learn your going to lean my way. He was like my Mr. Myogi when it came to guitar playing. He taught me so well that when he was teaching a friend of his we would play together to entertain the man he was teaching and the man Paul my dads friend knew that I loved this white electric guitar he had. So one day Paul my dad and my mom pulled a trick on me and said you know jimmy you broke Pauls white guitar and I started crying on the spot not because I thought I was in trouble but because I felt horrible for breaking his guitar. It was my 14th birthday I believe and after crying for about 5 minutes they pulled out the guitar case and said here open it. Not knowing what to expect I opened it and there it was the white guitar I loved and my mom and dad said that Paul was so impressed with the way you could play that he wanted you to have it for your birthday you could say I was exited to say the least. Later on down the road my dad convinced me to start writing my own music and around 17 I wrote my first song and around 19 20 years old I had my first song published. I went on to write and have about 2 to 4 more songs published in my early 20's. Years later I got a job and got an offer to run sound for a music group that believe it or not made the whole way to Nashville Star and made it in the top 10 finalist. The group was called One Lane Bridge I still keep in touch with them even today. Look here's the bottom line what if I said no I can't walk or no I can't play guitar because of my handicap or no I'm not a good enough song writer to get published and heard by thousands of people or no I don't think I'm good enough at running sound to try running live sound imagine what I would have missed out on in my life!! So remember if you don't think you can do something because you or someone else told you you should ask yourself will I regret it if I don't at least try. So please don't give up before you even try because like the title says I can't never did anything.  :)
Dream Big Live Big


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James West said...

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th.