Friday, June 3, 2016

Strippers and Motivational Speakers

So what do strippers and motivational speakers have in common?? Well think about it #1 they both make you feel good about yourself when you go into there establishments. And #2 they both give you self confidence and make you feel good when you need it most. So let's look at #1 strippers.

   So when you walk into a strip club you pay a fee at the door and you find a place to sit order a drink or 2 and wait. And then when the show gets started the stage lights come on and she/he comes out and starts dancing your in anticipation and cannot wait for her/him to get to you because you know when she/he does it is going to make you feel really good not in just a physical way but also boost your self confidence and ultimately make you feel great  :) So what about #2 motivational speakers

    Well think about it it is almost exactly the same as #1. You pay for your ticket in advance and show it at the door or you can pay at the door. When you get in you find something to drink not alcohol obviously but a drink from a vending machine. And then you find your seat and sit down with anticipation waiting for the show to begin. And then BAM!! The lights come on the music starts playing and then the speaker turns up on stage and you and the rest of the audience get super exited and super pumped! When he/she speaks and you loose yourself in the voice and confidence of this individual you start to feel really good about yourself and your both #1 and #2 were worth every penny.

      So now that you read this I'm sure you see my point. So until the next post you all enjoy life don't let it just pass you by and just settle for anything

James West 

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